The New Standard of Clean

Remove the Stains caused by biofilm with Laurinex

You can clean over and over, but it won’t be truly clean until you remove the biofilm

Laurinex is


• Fast and effective

• Rinses clean with water, no residue

• Removes biofilm and the stains it causes


• Scented with pure essential oils

• Contains NO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

• Contains NO hazardous air pollutants

• Contains NO inorganic phosphates

• Contains NO hazardous solvents

Plant Based

• USDA Certified Biobased Product

• Plant-derived

What in the world is biofilm?

Think of it as a strong house for stains, odors, and dirt. To protect themselves from the environment, they generate biofilm. It’s sometimes slimy, sometimes dry, but it is always tough.

Other cleaning products don’t remove biofilm, so the stain is never really gone.