About Ascalon

Ascalon International, Inc. is a privately owned, Virginia company that designs, markets, and sells a family of commercial and household disinfectant and cleaning products derived from its core patent-pending technology. Laurinex is a premier cleaning product from Ascalon.

Disinfecting and cleaning products contain thousands of industrial chemicals, many of which have unknown effects or can be outright harmful to people and the natural environment. Compounding this, bacteria have evolved by secreting biofilm to survive against the disinfectants intended to keep things clean and free from contamination. Ascalon’s break-through technology addresses this by

  • Placing into practice cleaning products that contain no harmful ingredients;
  • Removing or killing all odor-causing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms on the surfaces on which applied; and
  • Benefiting environmental sustainability.

The essence of Ascalon’s technology is safe, green cleaning products that remove the stains caused by biofilm on the surfaces that shelter bacteria, including household and food contact surfaces. The formula is composed entirely of food-grade ingredients, making it safe for both human and animal contact.

Ascalon’s product portfolio consists of multipurpose cleaning products, hospital grade disinfectants, sterilizers for surfaces and surgical instruments, and wound care applications. Future prototype products now in development include skin healing and rejuvenating applications for healthcare and beauty products market segments.


Ascalon International, Inc. has developed a formula that eliminates stains caused by biofilm yet contains no harmful chemicals or vapors; is safe for the environment; and is safe to use on food contact surfaces. This discovery was 150 years in the making.

  • In the 1670s, Dutch scientist Anthony van Leeuwenhoek discovered microbial attachment to his own dental work, leading to the discovery and understanding of biofilm. In 1867, Joseph Lister is credited with conducting the first antiseptic surgery.
  • In 1928, Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming, and ushered in the age of treatment of substances with antibiotic properties. It was first used to treat infection and bacteria in 1942.
  • The development of Ascalon's formula began with work to solve the challenge of delivering a non-toxic liquid that is universally effective as a decontaminant to mitigate both chemical and biological weapon toxins. From that experience, it became clear that there were much larger applications for disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaning products in substantial and diverse markets that are collectively underserved by their inferior bacteria-killing performance using toxic, hazardous, and polluting products.
  • In 2015, Ascalon International, Inc. introduced its safe, bio-based and plant-derived formula with chemical properties that provide a new standard of clean. Since then, Ascalon introduced its first product line in Australia, where it is certified by the Government of Australia as a hospital grade disinfectant. Now we are introducing our products to US markets.